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Gardenscapes: Level 57 Walkthrough

It is your job to restore this garden to its previous beauty! This is a combination game of building your garden and playing match 3 games. There are hundreds of levels and they range in difficulty. We have walkthroughs for the whole game though, so check them out if you need help.
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Level 57 Strategy
Levels that have the moving water require a little bit more preplanning than plain still levels. It means that once the blocks have finished falling from your move, all of the water will move clockwise. This can take a bit of skill to picture where all the blocks will be after they fall down and then take a clockwise movement.

In the video on this page I got a bit lucky with the 2 bombs at the start, and by 0:36 I had blown up one of them and removed heaps of the chains which are blocking the bottom garden. I then just take a couple of baby steps to clear chains wherever possible, even if it is only 1 at a time. By the time I have 26 turns left at 0:54, I only have 5 chains in the bottom section below the water. This is a good benchmark for how far you will need to be.

You'll notice at 1:11 I blow up a firework even though I could have matched a water and cleared a chain. I did that because I knew that in 1 more turn the water would make the match for me. By 1:19 I've got a firework above the garden and am ready to start getting flowers. Only 23 moves left to get 20 flowers. With this first move I chose not to blow the firework, instead I matched 3 water, because I knew I'd lose the match from the explosion anyway, so why not clear another chain to the left and get closer to a flower, 2 for 1!

The rainbow blast at 1:30 lets me clear out all the green which gets rid of the other chains at the bottom.

Another automatic match from the water at about 1:57 and I've got 3 flowers. This level is really tricky, it is about here that I realise I may not make it without big moves. I use the rainbow blast on red at 2:46, even though I know it only matches 2 against the flowers.

One of the big moves is the dynamite at 3:30, it gets me up to 12/20 and much closer to a rainbow blast.

Now at about 3:47 (pause it here for a bit) the finale begins, and this is text book strategy. I can see I have 7 flowers already on the board and that is exactly what I need to finish the level, and I only have 3 moves. The only way to finish this level will be to get the rainbow blast beside a flower. I can see that if I blow the bomb then the rainbow blast will land on the water, it won't be beside a flower, but 1 move clockwise and it will be! So at 3:54 I still have 2 moves and I'm next to the flower. All done with a whole move up my sleeve!
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  1. Doris Crockett
    6 years ago

    Level 57 that I am on has 3 flower boxes, I can’t seem too get the flowers until I am half wat thought the amount of moves I get . The walk through that you are showing only has 1 flower box. How do you buy shovels and things.

    1. mattbooth
      6 years ago

      Hi Doris, it looks like they simplified the level a bit, 57 was extremely hard! The main trick is to always look for potential bombs, i.e. everything should be planning to line up 5 of a kind. Be sure to know in your head the direction of the water and picture in your head what the board will look like on the next move, maybe the water will actually make some connections for you and you don’t need to spend a turn! Another great tip is to always make sure you look over the entire board after EVERY move. Sometimes we get caught up in a small section and miss out on the big picture. You also want to make sure you clear the locked blocks on this level quickly too. 🙂

  2. Stephanie
    6 years ago

    This level is Rediculously hard for only being 57.I love this game but I’ve been stuck on level 57 for 4 days now starting a piss me off. The most I ever got was 16.

    1. mattbooth
      6 years ago

      Yeah, this one was nuts.. have you updated the game recently, it may be a little easier now.

  3. mattbooth
    4 years ago

    So this one was one of the harder levels near the start and if you are here on this page then you have probably been having trouble! Please check out my strategy comments above. And I guess just reiterating the fact that you need to be able to imagine in your head the next turn, once the water has moved. If you can start to picture that clearly then you will be able to make better moves 🙂

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