Nintendo Switch Released: A Mixed Bag of Uncertainty


Reviews for Nintendo’s make or break console are mostly positive, but questions remain.

  No web browser. No Netflix. No apps. Nothing but games. That’s a bad thing for a device that is priced at $299, includes zero games, and is competing with tablets and mainstream consoles.     Nintendo has an uphill battle to prove their concept. The Switch needs more than just a few good games, but GAMES. Period. Any game. A weekly schedule of them. That’s how Nintendo will see success in the Switch, unless they reboot their strategy. In this day and age, if a mobile device doesn’t include a browser and the ability to stream media, you better make sure it can do whatever the device is mainly designed to do. And do it well. For the Switch, that’s playing video games. Right now, the selection of said games is barebones.   If the Switch was cheaper none of this would be a concern. But when the Switch is competing with the Xbox One and PS4 price wise, it becomes a glaring issue. When an Xbox comes with a game and is priced about the same as a Nintendo console with no games included, you begin to question Nintendo’s pricing strategy.   The Switch is a beautiful piece of overpriced hardware at the moment. But that can change. Only time will tell.   For now, Nintendo’s success lives and dies with their risky new console.  


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