Raid Brigade: Review

Raid Brigade

by: Kongregate
We are all accustomed to raid locations in online games, but you can rarely find a game that brings such a thing on mobile. This is exactly what Raid Brigade manages to do, and it does it in a flawless fashion, allowing you to explore carefully designed levels and engage multiple enemies in battle alongside your trustworthy party. Itís got really cool gameplay that allows you to really get your explore on, and implement your strategy for victory!


Gameplay (92%)

Raid Brigadeís gameplay is simple, you create your own city that provides you with resources, add in as many buildings as you can that will help you nurture your city and you are good to go. This is the background though, because the main focus in this game is to use the resources in order to gain heroes, all of which are enrolled in multiple fun classes that you can check out. And then use your heroes in raids. All the raid levels in this game are different, and thus you do receive a great replay value.

You can engage a variety of enemies as you play, all of which are also pertaining to specific classes. This alone makes the entire gameplay seem a little more difficult than it really is, but you have to try and find your own strategies as you play, something that makes the title feel iconic, funny and truly interesting all the time.

Of course, the mix of city building and action packed enemy attack gameplay keeps the ball rolling and will provide you with numerous fun moments, so even if you have the slightest interest in any of these genres, Raid Brigade can deliver unlike never before. The main emphasis still remains on attacks though, with city building being a cool distraction! Raid Brigade Review Screenshot 1  

Graphics (90%)

The graphics in Raid Brigade are great looking and they offer you a pleasant game world to peruse. At the same time, the character design is truly interesting all the time, and what matters the most here is that the animations are also very good. Overall, from a graphics standpoint, the title is truly solid and it offers a pleasant way to experience all the action portrayed on screen. Raid Brigade Review Screenshot 2  

Production Quality (93%)

The game obviously has a lot of content in it and you can play it in any way you want. Itís really nice to experience both the raiding and the building in all of their glory, and since you have so much to do, you can easily play for hours upon hours, which is really cool. At the same time, I didnít find any errors and the game ran flawlessly, although the load times can be a little long if you donít have a powerful device. Raid Brigade Review Screenshot 3  

Value for Money (93%)

Itís a free game, so the massive amount of content you get here is more than impressive to be honest. Sure, there are some in-app purchases but those are not that obtrusive and definitely not required to achieve success in the game, so the entire experience is enjoyable.  

Gameplay Video



At the end of the day, Raid Brigade offers maybe some of the best game mechanics out there. I found it to be very fun all the time, even though the controls take a little to get used to, but at the end of the day itís just a cool experience. Pros
  • Cool gameplay.
  • Nice city building mechanics.
  • Funny heroes.
  • Easy to understand gameplay.
  • The controls take a little getting used to..

Game Help Guru Rating 92%



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