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Wildscapes: Level 38 Walkthrough

This is another great matching game from Playrix, the makers of Gardenscapes. This is kinda another clone, but also quite different. In Wildscapes you really need to focus on the special moves because just matching pieces won't get you past these levels, which are surprisingly more difficult than other Playrix titles.
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  1. mattbooth
    3 years ago

    So 28 flowers is the goal of this level. The double ropes really lock you out of the middle of the board to start, so it is important to get boosters. As you can see I was lucky to get a bag of chips pretty quickly. I then started just to match as many basic 3s as I could with the roped blocks. The Soda booster is really useful in levels where you have a whole row or column that is blocked and needs clearing. And then of course at about 1:14 I hit the jackpot and was able to get the chips next to the soda and clear 3 rows and columns. You should always be looking out for ways to make this combo!

    When I was down to 5 moves though, it really didn’t look like I would make it (see 1:28). I think level 38 was probably the first really hard level! And here is a great trick, at about 2 minutes I still had 7 flowers to collect but only 3 turns. Not a chance.. or was there? The spinning top is very handy to take a booster and deliver it right where you need it. There would have been no other way I could clear so many flowers! Then the large movement allowed a few of my tops to go flying and clear out 2 more.

    Have you got strategy questions? Be sure to let us know!

  2. Jake
    3 years ago

    Thanks guys. This was very helpful!!

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