Life is a Game (1002141): Walkthroughs, Answers, Cheats, Codes, Achievements
Life is a Game

Life is a Game: Cheats, Codes & Achievements

This game is inspired by the saying “life is a marathon”. This is a new type of game with a combination of a running and simulation gameplay to play and look back on your life with a special reminiscence system. Additionally, it’s a game with an emotional mood with its touching stories and pixel art. YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/c/DAERISOFT Check your coupon code on the YouTube channel. Please click Subscribe and Like button. Home page https://goo.gl/wDvnvn https://www.facebook.com/daerisoft https://twitter.com/daerisoft ■■■■■Game Introduction■■■■■ 'Life is a Game' is a running game. Your life and appearance changes based on the type and amount of coins you obtain, the choices you make using the Choice button throughout the game. Jump and earn various coins and make decisions to lead your life. In addition, use the bottom left hobby, friend, and family button to pay attention to your happiness, health, and relationships with other people such as family and friends. Your life will be miserable if you do not have hobbies, friends, or family. For example, if you painted a lot when you were a child, your character develops into an artistic teenager and shows their talents in art. If they play a musical instrument, there is a higher chance that your character develops into a singer. Also, you need to take care of your happiness and the relationships you have with other people. Experience the numerous ending scenes that changes based on all of the decisions you make as a baby, as a child, as a teenager, as a man in his prime and as an elder. *Tip : Adequately make use of the skills on the lower left. Some items purchased from the shop only show up in certain situations, so don’t be alarmed and look for it in the game.
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Cheats, Codes, Achievements
Google Play Achievements
Married all women
Die of lung cancer 5 times
Clear with Level 2 skills 2/2/2 and 2222 wealth
Clear with full skill gauge and full happiness
2 consecutive stay at home dad event successes
2 consecutive doctor event successes
2 consecutive painter event successes
2 consecutive salary man event successes
Marry the girl you can’t forget(Marry your highschool sweetheart)
Purchased all flowers
Successfully become a CEO
Clear with max happiness
Get rejected by friends 4 times
Completed 2 times
Collect 4 Gems in one game
Clear without obtaining money coins
Watched Ad 30 times
Clear without jumping
Clear without using choice and with high happiness
Completed 200 times
Life is a wagon wheel
Throw 200 rose petals in one game
Obtain 9 food coins
Clear with more than 5,000 wealth
2 consecutive singer event successes
Completed 5 times
Die of excessive stress 3 times
2 consecutive teacher event successes
Help an office worker 2 times
2 consecutive police officer event successes
Obtain 15 study coins
Completed 100 times
Select dog 50 times
5 consecutive marriages with one girl
your life as a fireman 5 times
Completed for the first time
2 consecutive soccer player event successes
Purchased all houses
Obtained all hobbies
Call a friend 11 times in one game
2 consecutive fireman event successes
Watched Ad 10 times
2 consecutive construction worker event successes
Watched Ad 50 times
Get rejected 3 times and marry your high school sweetheart
Completed 20 times
Purchased all cars
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