Dragon Age: Inquisition: Walkthrough Videos

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Developer: Electronic Arts
Genre: Role Playing, Western (1000226)
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PC, XBox One, XBox 360, PlayStation 3
Part 3 of the Dragon Age franchise and developed by BioWare and EA.You are the ‘Inquisitor’ and must settle civil unrest in the continent of Thedas. You must also fight to fix an unusual tear in the sky know as ‘The Breach’. Heaps of weapons and magic make this an action-packed RPG, so if you like the genre then get into Inquisition.
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Walkthrough Videos (96)

Walkthrough Videos

Part 1: The Mark
Part 2: The Wrath of Heaven
Part 3: The Threat Remains
Part 4: The Hinterlands
Part 5: Rifts, Rams, & Sidequests
Part 6: Hinterlands Questing
Part 7: Templars to the West
Part 8: Master of Horses
Part 9: Watchtowers and Wolves
Part 10: Apostates in Witchwood
Part 11: Val Royeaux
Part 12: A Friend of Red Jenny
Part 13: The Imperial Enchantress
Part 14: Blackwall
Part 15: Iron Bull
Part 16: Storm Coast
Part 17: Giants and Grey Wardens
Part 18: Forbidden Oasis
Part 19: Rifts & Shards in Oasis
Part 20: Champions of the Just
Part 21: Mind of the Inquisitor
Part 22: Hold the Great Hall
Part 23: Envy
Part 24: Return Policy
Part 25: Deep Trouble
Part 26: Valammar and Rifts
Part 27: Redcliffe
Part 28: In Your Heart Shall Burn
Part 29: The Elder One
Part 30: The Inquisitor
Part 31: Skyhold
Part 32: Fallow Mire
Part 33: Beneath the Mire
Part 34: Lost Souls
Part 35: Adventures with Sera
Part 36: Crestwood
Part 37: Bandits and the Dam
Part 38: Flooded Caves
Part 39: Ferelden Frostback
Part 40: Becoming an Assassin
Part 41: Here Lies the Abyss
Part 42: Western Approach Exploration
Part 43: The Still Ruins
Part 44: Griffin Keep
Part 45: Dragon Research
Part 46: Allies and Updates
Part 47: Sera Romance
Part 48: The Trouble with Darkspawn
Part 49: Take Down Servis
Part 50: Northern Hunter
Part 51: Abyssal High Dragon
Part 52: Exalted Plains
Part 53: Capture the Ramparts
Part 54: Adamant Fortress
Part 55: Into the Fade
Part 56: Aspect of the Nightmare
Part 57: Emerald Graves
Part 58: Villa Maurel
Part 59: Emerald Astrariums
Part 60: Emerald Giants
Part 61: Gamoran Stormrider
Part 62: Greater Mistral
Part 63: Citadelle Du Corbeau
Part 64: Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts
Part 65: Murder Mystery in the Palace
Part 66: Venatori in the Quarters
Part 67: A Betrayal Unveiled
Part 68: The Crossroads
Part 69: Giving the Leftovers Some Love
Part 70: Chateau d’Onterre
Part 71: The Knights’ Tomb
Part 72: Emprise du Lion
Part 73: Red Templars Abound
Part 74: Suledin Keep
Part 75: Red Captors
Part 76: Northern Emprise
Part 77: Hivernal
Part 78: Kaltenzahn
Part 79: Vinsomer
Part 80: Cradle of Sulevin
Part 81: Sand and Ruin
Part 82: Hissing Wastes
Part 83: The Mountain Fortress Tomb
Part 84: The Canyon & Statue Tombs
Part 85: The Graveyard Tomb
Part 86: Tomb of Fairel
Part 87: Sandy Howler
Part 88: Highland Ravager
Part 89: What Pride Had Wrought
Part 90: Temple of Mytha
Part 91: Well of Sorrows
Part 92: The Final Piece
Part 93: Altar of Mythal
Part 94: Doom Upon All the World
Part 95: Celebration


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