Family Yards

Family Yards
Family, Match 'em and Saga, Simulator
Android, iOS
Family Yards is a Match 3 Saga style game but instead of just travelling a map, the idea is to tend to your garden. The full title of the game is 'Family Yards: Memories Album' because along with tending to the garden you must help the main character Alice to find missing family pictures. This game is quite similar to Gardenscapes although maybe a little less complex.


  1. Hello
    I am at Level 290 and have 22 Keys, but I cannot use them because I have only one duty for which I should use the help of Facebook Friends. i am not on Facebook, so I am stuck…..
    Can anyone Tell me what to do?
    Thank you very much!

  2. I need blue notes to do a level but you have to ask friends on facebook. I’m not in facebook so how do i carry on. Frustrated

  3. I don’t see any responses to the previous questions about facebook….. should I just uninstall this game since I am not on facebook???

    1. Hi Jennifer, if you need Facebook friends to continue and you don’t have Facebook then you may not be able to continue.

  4. I’ve completed all the quests I need to do and keeps saying more quests coming soon when can I expect this

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