Galaxy Reavers 2

Galaxy Reavers 2

Developer: Galaxy Reavers 2

Galaxy Reavers 2

Galaxy Reavers 2

Developer: TBG Limited

Galaxy Reavers 2
TBG Limited
Android, iOS
Galaxy Reavers 2 is a sci-fi RTS epic mobile game. Battle in space, and conquer the galaxy. Command your spaceship and shoot your missiles or control your fleet to avoid incoming missiles. The ultimate strategy space game.

Galaxy Reavers 2 Guide Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

This post was written by Nick Schaer on 1 Nov, 2020

1. The Basics of Galaxy Reavers 2

Galaxy Reavers 2 features all the great elements of a space themed RTS. You’ll control your ship, and try to destroy your enemies. With many customization options and unlockables, the game has vast possibilities. Follow our guide below for the best ways to master this RTS. Galaxy Reavers 2 Screenshot 1

2. Sometimes It Pays to Cheat

Similar to the Animal Crossing series, you can “time travel” to gain an advantage in the game. Move the time or date forward on your device under the setting section. This will instantly repair ships and can also get supplies. And there’s no repercussions from it.

3. Hit Supplies!

Don’t forget the press the button! The Supplies button on the top of the screen gives 5000 gold and 10 Khorium. You can only get this 15 times. Then it disappears forever. Get it while you can. This has a 7 hour recharge time, but you can use the date change to get all 15 supplies boxes in 10 mins. This can be a nice boost at the start of the game enabling you to buy the cruiser battleship earlier. Galaxy Reavers 2 Screenshot 2

4. Earn Those Achievements

You can get gold, Khorium and weapon rewards for completing these so keep an eye on them. Complete more and more achievements as you play to be rewarded. Galaxy Reavers 2 Screenshot 3

5. The AI

The game does have more grind later on in levels. Thankfully the AI auto combat does control your ships in battle, BUT does NOT use tactical devices at all. So if you are going to use the AI for auto battles, replace tactical devices with standard weapons. Typically 90% of the battles are grind. Good missions for this are destroy all ships missions. Ideally try to go as high level as possible that your ships will always succeed on. High level means for gold, more exp and usually better weapons. You may need to actively play through a mission that has a special objective. When there is no special objective the AI auto is usually ok.

Final Word

Follow our guide above and you’ll be on your way to conquering the galaxy. Good luck out there at Captain!

Gameplay Video

Overall Tips

  • Use the AI combat
  • Earn achievements for rewards

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