Horse Haven (1000337): Walkthroughs, Answers, Cheats, Codes, Achievements
Horse Haven
Ubisoft Entertainment
Farming, Simulator

Horse Haven: Walkthroughs

What a great game, and popular too! Your job is to raise horses on your dream horse farm.Hundreds of unique horses and ponies to breed. If you need a little help then take a look at our guide videos.
Part 1
Meeting Our First Foal
Part 2
Birth of our Appaloosa Foal
Part 3
Apollo the Stallion
Part 4
Stylish Saddles and Racehorses for Rent
Part 5
Breeding Apollo and Scarlet Apple
Part 6
The French Ranch
Part 7
American Paint Foal
Part 8
Rare Rocky Mountain Foal
Part 9
So Many Beautiful Spots
Part 10
Breeding Rare French Horses
Part 11
Rare Dutch Harness Foal
Part 12
Frolicking Foals
Part 13
Lucky Legendary Leo
Part 14
A StarStudded Foal Is Born
Part 15
Dramatic Brazilian Steeplechase
Part 16
Ranch Improvements
Part 17
Raising Primrose
Part 18
200 Diamond Lost Gamble
Part 19
Birth of Our Beautiful Breton
Part 20
A Taste for Carrots
Part 21
A Legendary Leo Filly
Part 22
Quest for a Daintier Dutch Harness
Part 23
3,000 Meter Japanese Steeplechase
Part 24
Beautiful Bees and Elite Dutch Harness Foal
Part 25
Mythics Among Friends
Part 26
Quick Steps to Higher Tier Foals  
Part 27
Tier Three Dutch Harness Filly
Part 28
Betting on Our Future Champion
Part 29
Ranch Greenhouse Gardens
Part 30
New German Ranch  
Part 31
Carnival Quests and American Warmblood Foal
Part 32
Mystery of the Mini
Part 33
The Royal Carriage Arrives
Part 34
Carnival Construction Complete
Part 35
Rainbow RedStone Hotsprings
Part 36
Dreams of Beautiful Libras
Part 37
Shuffling Our Stables
Part 38
Celebrating the Yellow Rose Cup
Part 39
Rumors of Rare Foals
Part 40
Dash of Libra Luck?
Part 41
So Many Hats for Horses
Part 42
Galaxy the Glowing Libra
Part 43
Our First Welsh Pony
Part 44
Race for the Yellow Rose Cup
Part 45
The Diamonds in Rare Foals
Part 46
Thanksgiving Update Special
Part 47
Autumn Leaves and Diamond Spending Spree
Part 48
Lovely Leos and Their Sparkling Diamonds
Part 49
The Most Adorable Rump
Part 50
Farm Full of Foals
Part 51
A Pretty Pair of American Paints
Part 52
Surprises in the Grand Stable
Part 53
Trading Sapphires for Special Saplings
Part 54
Racing Against Santa Claus
Part 55
A Reindeer for Christmas
Part 56
Lighting Up Our Christmas Tree
Part 57
The Flames of our Leo Horses
Part 58
Stable Full of Fire Foals
Part 59
Seeing Beautiful Spotted Horses
Part 60
Lots of Lovely Lusitanos
Part 61
Celebrating Our Capricorn Foal
Part 62
Fields Full of Mythic Arabian Horses
Part 63
Mystery Gifts and Rumors of Mythological Horses
Part 64
Exciting Update Rumors and Lovely Ranch Tours
Part 65
Arrival of the Beautiful Blue Aquarius
Part 66
Luck of the Sea Our Aquarius Foal
Part 67
Starry Stables Full of Aquarius Horses
Part 68
Golden Gear of the Year of the Monkey
Part 69
Traveling Among Friendly Ranches
Part 70
Celebrating the Year of the Monkey
Part 71
A Fiery Champion Racer
Part 72
Beautiful Blossoms of the Pisces Horse
Part 73
Budding Luck with a Pisces Foal
Part 74
Our Lovely Pink Apple
Part 75
An Apple Among the Cherry Blossoms
Part 76
Paddock Full of Prancing Pisces
Part 77
Ranches of the Gardening Masters
Part 78
A Star in the Race
Part 79
Planting Gem Forest
Part 80
Pure Breeding Society and Tier Four Horses
Part 81
Unveiling the Aries Constellation Horse
Part 82
Unlocking Tier 4 Quarters and Adorable Aries Spotting
Part 83
Arrival of our Adorable Aries Foal
Part 84
The Perfect Storm Tier 3 Aquarius
Part 85
Unlocking Tier 4 Arabian
Part 86
Leafy Love Trees in Gem Stone Forest
Part 87
An Aries Horse Named Seri
Part 88
Don't Look a Gift Pony in the Mouth
Part 89
The Red Rose Cup Race Begin
Part 90
Growing Diamonds for the Red Rose Races
Part 91
More Prickly Pieces for the Cactus Garden
Part 92
Reward of the Diamond
Part 93
Wandering Rustic Ranches
Part 94
Arrival of the Gemini Horse
Part 95
All DIAMOND Level Skills
Part 96
Explore the NEW RANCH in the UK
Part 97
Preparing British Salads and Shire Horse Parentage
Part 98
Growth of Our Gemini Constellation Horse
Part 99
Gifts for Gemstone Forest
Part 100
Episode 100 Milestone Special
Part 101
The Search for Tier Four Foals
Part 102
Arrival of the Cancer Constellation Horse
Part 103
Our First Tier Four Horse
Part 104
Our Australian Knight in Shining Armor
Part 105
Visiting Royal Apple Orchards
Part 106
Our First Shire Horse
Part 107
A Legendary Baby Brumby Foal
Part 108
Our Legendary Australian Brumby Princess
Part 109
Flame Leos and Mysterious Celestial Family Trees?
Part 110
Horse Club Update Metal Muffins and Laughing Turnips?
Part 111
Fields Full of Legendary Leo II Horses
Part 112
Filling Our Fields with Spotted Horse Rumps
Part 113
A Stampede of Dutch Warmbloods
Part 114
Revealing the Virgo II Family Tree
Part 115
Our Frisky Fredriksborg Foal
Part 116
Lucky Birth of a Virgo II Foal
Part 117
Our Virgo II Horse, Amethyst Mist
Part 118
Aiming for the Higher Tier Stars
Part 119
Masked Majesty of the Virgos
Part 120
A TreeHouse Market
Part 121
TreeHouse Upgrades and Cabbage Hats
Part 122
Chiming of a Cuckoo Clock
Part 123
Surrounded by Finicky Chincoteague Foals
Part 124
Cursed With Too Many Ponies?
Part 125
Revealing the Libra II Family Tree
Part 126
Envy Over Sparkly Foal Rumps
Part 127
An Embarrassment of Jutlands
Part 128
Scoripo II and Constellation Catastrophes
Part 129
A Supremely Sweet Scorpio Foal
Part 130
Dreams of Wintery White Shires
Part 131
Starry Steps to Sagittarius II
Part 132
Arrival of the Fairy Horses
Part 133
So Many Fantasy Horses To Find
Part 134
Star Bound Sagittarius Foal Luck
Part 135
Our Royal Sagittarius War Horse
Part 136
Searching the Clouds for Dream Jewels
Part 137
Our First Fantasy Foal
Part 138
Preparing for Fields of Flighty Fantasy Horses
Part 139
Captivating Capricorn II Constellation Horse
Part 140
Aquatic Arrival of the Aquarius II Horse
Part 141
Our First Unicorn Foal
Part 142
The New Fantasy Horse Island
Part 143
Perfect Petals of the Pisces II Constellation Horse
Part 144
Perfecting the Perfect Pedigree Pisces
Part 145
Feeding Friend's Horses New Club Co
Part 146
Revealing the Aries II Constellation Horse Family Tree
Part 147
Birth of Our Fiery Lava Unicorn
Part 148
Revealing the Taurus II Constellation Horse Family Tree
Part 149
One Stubborn Onyx Unicorn Foal
Part 150
The Red Rose Kentucky Derby Event
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