Ice Age Adventures: Walkthrough Videos

Ice Age Adventures

Developer: Gameloft
Genre: Family, Kids (1000062)
Platforms: iOS, Android
Everyone loves all things Ice Age! Ever since Scrat first chased that Acorn on our movie screens many years ago. This time the gang is floating out to see on an iceberg and Sid who has been left behind needs you to help him save them all. This is an adventure game with other mini games such as sledding with Sid and match 3 type games. Check out our walkthrough videos if you need a little help.

Walkthrough Videos

Part 1 The Freezing Lands
Part 2 Iceview Isles
Part 3 Iceview Isles
Part 4 New Snowington
Part 5 New Snowington
Part 6 New Snowington Dobson
Part 7 Sula Sea Cliffs
Part 8 Sula Sea Cliffs
Part 9 Snow Capped Shores
Part 10 Wobbly Island
Part 11 Sula Sea Cliffs
Part 12 Buck VS Gupta
Part 13 Sid Cinnati
Part 14 Sid Cinnati
Part 15 Sid Cinnati
Part 16 Sid Cinnati, Shimmering Waters
Part 17 Shimmering Waters
Part 18 Buck VS Rudy
Part 19 Switchback Cove
Part 20 Switchback Cove
Part 21 Switchback Cove
Part 22 Switchback Cove
Part 23 Switchback Cove Mysterious Shores
Part 24 Mysterious Shores RAZ
Part 25 Mysterious Shores
Part 26 Manny Chusetts
Part 27 Manny Chusetts
Part 28 Manny Chusetts
Part 29 Sandy Diego
Part 30 Rhino, Sandy Diego, Captain Gutt
Part 31 Sandy Diego
Part 32 Turquoise Waters
Part 33 Turquoise Waters
Part 34 Turquoise Waters
Part 35 Sandchester Island
Part 36 Sandchester Island Peaches
Part 37 Sandchester Island
Part 38 Sandchester Island
Part 39 Herd Rescued: Eddie
Part 40 New Update: Herd Completed, Buenos Windy Unlocked
Part 41 Buenos Windy: Blue Crab
Part 42 Buenos Windy: Tapir Rescued
Part 43 New Update, Whispering Isles
Part 44 Whispering Isles
Part 45 Whispering Isles
Part 46 Whispering Isles
Part 47 Whispering Isles
Part 48 NEW Xmas Update: Wave’s End
Part 49 Wave’s End: Cretaceous, Granny
Part 50 Limited Time Event – Resolution Isles
Part 51 Limited Time Event – Resolution Isles
Part 52 Event: Resolution Isles
Part 53 Resolution Isles Wave End Completed
Part 54 NEW Update: The Lava Lands
Part 55 The Lava Lands
Part 56 The Lava Lands, Rescue Dimetrodon
Part 57 The Lava Lands
Part 58 Easter Scrat Mini Game
Part 59 The Fiery Fiefs
Part 60 The Fiery Fiefs
Part 61 The Fiery Fiefs
Part 62 The Fiery Fiefs
Part 63 Molten Maw
Part 64 Molten Maw

Please let us know if these walkthroughs are correct!

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