Kingdom Two Crowns

Kingdom Two Crowns

Developer: Kingdom Two Crowns

Kingdom Two Crowns

Kingdom Two Crowns

Developer: Raw Fury

Kingdom Two Crowns
Raw Fury
Android, iOS, Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One
Journey to medieval times in this unique side-scrolling micro strategy game. Enjoy beautiful pixel art as you build your kingdom, and defeat evil! Play on mobile, Steam, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Kingdom Two Crowns Guide – Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

This post was written by Nick Schaer on 26 Dec, 2020

1. The Basics of Kingdom Two Crowns

Explore a beautiful pixel art styled world and save the day in this new mobile and PC game. Play the role of a monarch riding their house and recruit loyal subjects, build your kingdom and protect it from the greedy creatures looking to steal your coins and crown. Follow our guide below to master this game no matter which platform you play on. Kingdom Two Crowns Screenshot 1

2. Know Your Currencies

Coins are the primary currency of the game, and are required to hire subjects, build defenses, and progress in general. There are many different ways that you can find coins, but you can only hold a limited amount in your bag before it overflows. Any coins that overflow out of your bag will automatically either be dropped on the ground or discarded into the water. In multiplayer, coins are not shared; each monarch has their own coin bag. In order to share coins with your partner, you must drop your coins on the ground for your partner to pick them up. Gems are the secondary currency of the game, and are required to activate special structures. They can only be found in gem chests. Gems are stored in the same bag as coins, but take up much more space. When attacked, gems will only be knocked out of your bag once you run out of coins, and can only be dropped on the ground if you have no coins in your bag. They can be stolen by greed, but if knocked out of your bag, they will never randomly fall into the water, unlike coins.

3. Save Your Energy

It’s tempting to gallop as much as possible. But when you’re exploring away from your base, save the energy for the run back in case demons appear. They can take your crown in a real hurry, no matter how great your base is. Kingdom Two Crowns Screenshot 2

4. The Greed

Greed are the main enemy of the game. They are grumpy little thieves that, for some reason, are stillbent on noodling your stuff away. They will bully you and your subjects out of your money and livelihood. They steal any coins and tools they can find, and then run back to the closest portal for safety. Every night, multiple greed spawn from the closest portal to your kingdom on each side. If they reach a wall, they will attack it until the wall gives way. If they come across a subject, they will attack them, causing your subject to drop their tool and then, if hit again, lose their coin, turning back into a vagrant. Greed will also attack you, knocking 1 coin out of your bag at a time. If you are hit when you have no coins, they will knock a gem out of your bag. If you have no coins or gems, your crown will be knocked off, and you will have an opportunity to recover it before the greed can steal it. It only takes one hit with an arrow to kill a greed, and they will drop any carried items or coins upon death. Kingdom Two Crowns Screenshot 3

5. Bows

By far the most important item to craft in the early game are bows. Archers will kill wildlife to get more gold and fill in any watchtowers you build. Once you’ve got 10 or so archers roaming around on each side, you can expand relatively safely. Keep replenishing them, too — you always want free archers around.

Final Word

Follow our guide above and you’ll be building a successful kingdom in no time. Good luck and long live the monarch!

Gameplay Video

Overall Tips

  • Don’t over exert your horse
  • Remember to collect every coin and gem

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