100 Pics: Review

100 Pics Answers   Quizzes, you either love them or hate them.  Those that love quizzes are usually the winners and those that hate them are usually the losers.  Well not anymore, because the app 100 PICS Quiz from Poptacular means everyone is a quiz winner and everyone will love playing the 100 PICS Quiz game. Available for both Android and iOS, released in July 2013, 100 PICS Quiz is free to download and it is simply the BIGGEST Picture Quiz EVER!  
  Boasting over 10,000 picture puzzles and over 100 categories to play, you’ll be playing 100 PICS Quiz for hours!  The plot is simple; look at the picture and guess what it is by typing in your answer, it really is that easy to play.  As you guess the pictures correctly you win coins and if you use less clues to answer correctly you win even more coins.  If you’re not sure you can tap the picture panels for clues to help you.   100 Pics Review Screenshot 1   The game play starts off very easy and gets a lot harder very quickly.  You find you’ll love playing 100 PICS Quiz app by yourself and you’ll have just as much fun playing it with all your family and friends.  Its such a simple game concept but so addictive and you really can’t put it down.  The pics are generally current or widely known so if you get stuck just as ask a friend or family member for help.   100 Pics Review Screenshot 2   With over 100 categories to select from there is going to be something here for all ages groups and all genders to play and enjoy.  Some of the categories include animals, logos, celebs, songs, football, cartoon characters, flags, Christmas, movies, tv, food, pets, plants, art and so many many more. 100 Pics Quiz is a compulsive game, it is very hard to put down and not play it.  The graphics and sound don’t really matter here, its the gameplay that is what matters and it is totally addictive.   100 Pics Review Screenshot 3   Pros
  • So simple and fun
  • Over 10,000 pictures
  • So much variety over 100 categories
  • Fun for everyone
  • The only con is that if you get hooked on it, you do need to pay for each extra pack

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Gameplay9 Graphics8 Production Quality9 Value for Money8.5 Overall8.6    


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