Bird Climb: Review

Bird Climb

by: BoomBit
Bird Climb is a simple One-Tap infinite jumper with minimalistic design that you should try out if you’re looking for a nice 80’s Arcade style game to kill some time.


Gameplay (73%)

The objective of Bird Climb is to reach the highest floor you can. The red bird doesn’t not fly, it just flaps its wings with each tap of the screen, and it’s always moving sideways. It works in a similar way to the popular “Flappy Bird” since you can only gain a little height whith the tapping, but the upward movement really has a nice twist to it. Bird Climb Screenshot 1   Since the bird is always moving left of right, there’ll be blue obstacles sticking out of the walls to stop you. They kind of look like ‘one eyed machetes’… You need to avoid them planning ahead your ascending and timing your mid-air boosts just right. In Floor 10 and up, they changle to color red and get really close to each other, so they’re harder to avoid, and that’s where the challenge of the game comes from. In your way you can collect Pink Diamonds for extra lives, when you lose, you can trade 10 of them in order to continue playing.

Graphics (78%)

The bird has rather simple design, as do the rest of the game elements. You see very little use of color (only blue, red and pink) and the background is just a white canvas. Still, animation wise Bird Climb looks quite nice, with smooth squares appearing and moving around with each flap, text and menu elements showing simple but use of transparency and highlighting effects, and there are some good looking camera zooming effects, like in the opening sequence. Bird Climb Screenshot 2   Overall it looks minimalistic, but elegant, with only a few sound effects that ad to the animation, creating a “feel right” gameplay experience.


Production Quality (85%)

Bird Climb doesn’t seem to have been made with a mindset of competing against the beautiful 3D worlds some Mobile RPGs portray nowadays. Is just a simple Arcade style one-tap pick-up and play app that should keep you entertained while you’re waiting in line on the supermarket, and nothing more. Bird Climb Screenshot 3   There are unlockables characters and it even features local multiplayer for up to 8 players on Apple TV. On a side note, the game is translated to 23 languages. It looks extremely simplistic at first sight, but it’s actually a little more deep that what the first impression makes you believe.

Value for your Money (100%)

Bird Climb is free on Android and iOS devices. For people that enjoy endless jumpers and similar titles, it’s worth downloading to try for a while, it gets pretty challenging by the 20th floor and should keep you busy if you’re planning on reaching a hundred floors.

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Bird Climb is not for those looking for a big adventure or a game that takes you into another world, is just a simple fun little app that serves its purpose of entertaining you for a while. There are many endless jumpers out there, and this one doesn’t stand out from the bunch, but if you’re into this genre, check it out. Pros
  • Challenging and Addictive Gameplay
  • Simple pick-up and play mechanics
  • Very few colors
  • It could use extra challenges

Game Help Guru Rating 78%


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