Disney Sorcerer's Arena

Disney Sorcerer's Arena

Developer: Disney Sorcerer's Arena

Disney Sorcerer's Arena

Disney Sorcerer's Arena

Developer: Glu

Disney Sorcerer's Arena
Android, iOS
Get ready for the ultimate Turn-Based RPG with Real-Time PvP game, featuring your favorite Disney characters. Enter the bold and competitive world of the Sorcerer where every choice you make determines your legacy. Level up your legendary Disney and Pixar characters, and prepare for battle.

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Guide Ė Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

This post was written by Nick Schaer on 14 Jun, 2020

1. The Basics of Disney Sorcerer’s Arena

Developer Glu has taken the massive world of Disney and Pixar characters, and brought them into a real time PvP RPG. It’s a combination that might seem weird yet also weirdly perfect. Seeing Captain Jack Sparrow face off against the likes of Tinker Bell and Mickey Mouse never gets old. It’s the kind of interactions we might see in a Kingdom Hearts game.. except this is on mobile, and free. Follow our guide below to become a master at this new Disney RPG. Disney Screenshot 1

2. Level Up Wisely

At the start you will be given three characters (generally Mickey, Ariel, Buzz/Sulley depending on when you sign up). You would also get Aladdin early in the game. So, now is the moment where you would be using and continuously leveling them up. Thatís an important part of the game because if you use and level up all the characters randomly, then all your characters would be under-leveled, and it would be difficult to complete the required campaign mission and more importantly the events offering exclusive tokens. So be sure to level up wisely. You should focus on Ariel and Aladdin at the start. Ariel is one of the best healers in the game and hence, one of the strongest characters with high HP level. Aladdin is quite useful as an offensive character and would be helpful in completing ongoing events. Take these characters to the end of the game, and they wonít betray you for sure.

3. Play One Mode Only

At the beginning of the game, only play the adventure campaign and focus on leveling up your main characters. The more the number of missions you complete, the more option is available for autowin mode. This game is all about the grind. Focus on getting a particular sets of rewards (character tokens/gear upgrading items), therefore our suggestion is to play the adventure mode until you are level 15. Disney Screenshot 2

4. AutoWin Mode is your Friend!

The game offers an auto-win mode if you complete the mission with three stars (without letting any character die). Use this mode for leveling up and get rewards. Donít just go for completing the campaign missions after a certain level. Use the autowin mode, to get character tokens, essential items to upgrade the character, and their gear level. It’s like getting free gear. Disney Screenshot 3

5. Spells and Enhancements

Enchantments will increase your characterís stats, and two spells are taken up at the start of the mission. Enchantments are dropped at certain places (missions). To know about certain enchantments, tap on the enchantmentís slots. Tier up your main charactersí enchantments regularly. Spells can be upgraded using spell tokens and ability runes. Use them wisely.

Final Word

One of the biggest mistakes new players do is that they avoid the daily quest. Please donít avoid the quests and the rewards. Events give an opportunity to get exclusive character tokens, or character. This way you can get access to some best characters (maybe your favorite) which may be unavailable at times. Some of these characters are very good for PvP battles. Follow our guide and you’ll be a Disney master in no time!

Gameplay Video

Overall Tips

  • Level up wisely
  • Play the daily quests

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