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You know the story. Start off in a small town, with aspirations of collecting creatures/monsters on your journey and becoming the ultimate champion. Sounds like Pokemon doesn't it? Well EvoCreo takes the pocket monsters concept and brings it to mobile with an addictive RPG.

EvoCreo Guide Ė Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

This post was written by Nick Schaer on 8 Aug, 2020

1. The Basics of EvoCreo

EvoCreo is a clone of the ever-popular Pokemon franchise. You’ll start off in a small town and journey across the region collecting and training “Creos”, in the hopes of becoming the best in the region. Along the way you’ll also save the day and meet an interesting character or two. Follow our guide below to become the ultimate EvoCreo master! EvoCreo Screenshot 1

2. Starting Off

Just like Pokemon, youíre given a choice of starter Creos at the beginning of the game. Donít get too stressed about what you choose. Theyíre all pretty good and you can easily adapt to your decision. Pick what feels right for you. After picking a Creo, youíre soon told to go off in a particular direction without much guidance. Donít worry about it. Thereís usually someone nearby who can give you a nudge in the right direction and each town isnít very big. You’ll need to get used to exploring. You never know what you might find by snuffling around the more unusual parts of an area. There are a lot of items to snag this way. Random battles only kick in while youíre in the tall grass, so you donít have to worry in towns.

3. Battles

This is why you play the game right? Battles! During a battle, switch your Creo out often. They all gain experience just for being a part of the battle, no matter how small their role might have been. Itíll help everyone level up quickly. You can have up to five Creos in a party. Due to how experience works, even if theyíre very mismatched early on, their leveling up speed will even out in time. So donít worry too much about someone being overpowered. EvoCreo Screenshot 2

4. More About Creo

Some Creos evolve depending on the abilities you get them to use. For instance, use all fire abilities with one and they can end up a purely fire based creature. Plan accordingly. Your starter Creo will also gain a Ride ability after a time, thereby giving you a speed boost while exploring. Just remember to switch to them, and pick Ride from the Menu. You’ll also need to remember to keep your Creos happy and loyal. A loyal Creo gains slightly more experience than a disloyal one. EvoCreo Screenshot 3

5. The Arena

Regularly fight in the arenas. The first arena is at Plantae which isnít far into the game. That leads to more experience and money, which is always a good thing in such games. Also use conditions and boons often. Conditions are negative status effects and can sometimes stack, producing an even more effective debuff. Boons are the positive equivalent and can also stack, in some cases.

Final Word

Follow our guide above to become the ultimate EvoCreo Master, and conquer every battle in this fantastic mobile game.

Gameplay Video

Overall Tips

  • Explore the world
  • Switch Creo out during battles to gain EXP

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