Exciting adventure of the magic fireball through the weird geometric cave: Fire Rides

Fire Rides

by: Voodoo
One-tap easy-to-learn controls, rich visual effects and addictive gameplay mechanics. Get into this cave and go as far as you can while swinging with your hookshot like Spiderman.

Gameplay 79%

Fire Rides is a casual game about swinging a fireball inside a cave and trying to get it through green rings in order to boost your score.   The control is simple, touch the screen to launch a sort of “grapple hook” that sticks to one of the square columns in the ceiling, and then swing forward until you release your finger from the screen, wait until you get a little lower and then shoot the hook again. It won’t take long until you’re swinging like Spiderman with his spiderweb. The objective of the game is just to survive as long as possible. In the top center of the screen you’ll see your score, which adds points as you keep going. You can earn more points by passing through light rings in the cave, which can be included in a combo to really boost your score. If you touch the white ring, you only get 1 point, but if you get a bullseye and pass through the green ring, you’ll get +2, the next time +3, and so on until you miss it and start over the combo. As you advance, the rings will stop being static, or even have a circular shape. Later on you’ll see them moving up and down, or front and back, and some will even be swinging like a pendulum. After a while, you’ll see big oval shaped figures with the green circle inside being the moving element. This makes the game a lot more interesting as you keep breaking your records. When you touch the ceiling or the floor, you’ll get a chance to continue by watching a video ad, but if you lose again, you’ll have to start over.

Graphics 72%

Fire Rides has a simple presentation, but the fireball actually looks pretty cool at first sight, and so does the rings breaking the first time. The scenario is what looks kinda dull, and only changes color after a certain distance, but the background and overall level design keeps the same way, which gets old pretty soon.   The light and explosion effects of the rings look pretty cool, and when they start moving around you’ll notice they leave a sparkling trail that gives them a magical look. But for the most part, this game is average at best, since the amusement of the few effects you’ll see will wear off after a few minutes of play.

Production Quality 72%

Fire Rides is pretty addictive, the core gameplay mechanic is easy to learn, but once you get to a certain distance, it isn’t easy to keep breaking your records; and instead of 2D drawings, you see some 2D special particle effects that make this game stand out from similar titles.   There’s no music, and the few sound effects you’ll hear, while fitting, aren’t very memorable. The text that appears as you perform your combos, also look too simplistic. To spice things up, you can unlock fireballs of different colors, and rings of different shapes, but since the core gameplay doesn’t really change, few players would probably want to work hard trying to unlock them all.

Value for your Money 80%

Fire Rides is free on Google Play and the Apple App Store, but you will see a video ad everytime you lose, which can be pretty often, and there’s always a banner being displayed at the bottom of the screen. You can buy a premium no-ads version for $2.49, which seems excessive for a casual game.

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Fire Rides may seem like a Flappy Bird with a tweaked formula, and just like that game, it can get pretty addictive, so the lack of background music and overall simple presentation isn’t really a reason to not keep playing. There could be more content, and certainly ads shouldn’t be shown so often in the free version, but check it out if you want to play a casual title with a slightly different gameplay than most endless runners in the mobile market. Pros
  • Easy to learn controls and addictive gameplay
  • The 3D particle special effects look pretty cool
  • No Music
  • Ads show up way to often
  • The background is way too simple in contrast with the fireball and rings

Game Help Guru Rating 72%


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