Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall

Developer: Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall

Developer: Behaviour Interactive

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall
Behaviour Interactive
Android, iOS
HBO's megahit series comes to mobile with the official new game, Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall. Take command of the Night’s Watch and defend the Wall in this epic strategy game.

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall Guide – Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

This post was written by Nick Schaer on 23 Aug, 2020

1. The Basics of Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall

This new mobile game expands the world of HBO’s long-running and highly acclaimed series, Game of Thrones. Designed as a strategy game, you will take command of the Night’s Watch and defend the Wall while collecting and upgrading iconic characters from the series. All while trying to put together Night’s Watch squad to protect Castle Black from Giants, Wildlings or other threats. Follow our guide below to master this new mobile game. Game of Thrones Screenshot 1

2. Learn Combat

Combat is set in a 6×8 grid with the option of having a team of four characters acting as the player’s combatants. There is always a hero selected and up to three secondary characters to form the team. On the combat screen, the hero is on the bottom left corner and the secondary characters next to them on the left. To switch heroes, tap on the hero portrait on the bottom left and select the hero desired. Afterward, select the teammates to join the hero which can be done in the same fashion. If a mistake was made in selecting a teammate tap and hold the character to switch at the bottom of the screen and drag them over the character to replace. To know how many units can be deployed for battle, the number is on the right side of the screen above where it says Start Battle in red. Once the team is assembled, hit the Start Battle button and combat will begin.

3. Using Auto

At first, you’ll need to rely on your own battle instincts during the game’s beginning stages. But once you get the chance to activate the double battle speed and Auto options, you should rely on them from that point forward. Focus on upgrading your units within the Barracks and heroes within the Hearth in order to make sure they head into each subsequent battle at their very best. Game of Thrones Screenshot 2

4. Daily Quests

Daily Quests and Achievements sections are great places to go to if needing some direction. They will provide places to go and quests to do that will open up the world and new possibilities to get valuable materials for all the various upgrades. The Lodge inside Night’s Watch is a place where recruiters can be sent to get the Seals of Valor so be sure to do them whenever possible. This is also true of the Weirwood Forays and Quick Quests that give food and copper pennies to keep playing missions and get the upgrades. Game of Thrones Screenshot 3

5. Go Beyond

When you decide to go “Beyond the Wall,” you’ll run into enemy encounters within the story. For every story-based battle you participate in, make sure you complete it in order to earn a perfect three-star rating. Completed stages with that rating allow you to farm them for currency and unit/hero upgrading items if you have the food (which acts as your stamina) to do so. When you’re about to log off for the day, make sure you put this patrol option to good use by farming a particular stage and using up all of its daily challenge attempts. Once you’ve used them all up, you’ll have quickly gathered up a ton of useful items and player XP. When you run out of food, purchase some more until you can’t anymore so you can repeat the process before you leave the game for the day. By the time you return, your food rations will have automatically been restored and the number of times you can purchase refills will also be restored. Earning a three-star rating on every stage for a chapter also gets you access to three chests full of awesome loot, by the way.

Final Word

Follow our guide above to become the best in this new game set in the Game of Thrones universe. Good luck!

Gameplay Video

Overall Tips

  • Complete daily quests
  • Use auto battle to your advantage

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