Geometry Dash: Review

Geometry Dash

by: RobTop Games
Geometry Dash is a challenging platformer with fast-paced jumping action. The overall art style may seem minimalistic, but it has a great techno soundtrack and smooth animation that makes for a nice audiovisual experience.


Gameplay (96%)

Geometry Dash is a runner platformer, which means that the character will advance at a constant speed and the objective is to reach the end of each level. Tap anywhere on the screen to jump and overcome obstacles, avoid spikes and reach platforms. You can also collect star coins for a higher ranking when you beat a level. There are interactive power ups along the way like a yellow trampoline that will make you jump really high, a kind of ‘energy’ that allows you to jump in mid-air, and there’s also a gravity device that will make you “fall upwards” Geometry Dash Screenshot 1   The levels are long and divided in color sections. Some levels feature a “flying rocket” that your figure rides while avoiding dangers. Here the controls change, you need to keep pressing the screen to get higher, when you lift your finger, the rocket starts falling. When you die on a level, you start over from the beginning. Even the first level is quite a challenge, with narrow platforms where you need to be making very precise jumps to survive.

Graphics (82%)

While a little minimalistic, nice vivid colors and animation effects along with a catchy techno soundtrack make up for a nice audiovisual design. The platforms start bulding at the right side of the level and there’s a fading effect on the left side of the screen, disappearing the platforms you’re leaving behind. The backgound is just a layer with squares and rectangles, but it changes color as you go through the level, and it really fits the overall visual look of the game. Geometry Dash Screenshot 2 The platforms have white edges and spikes are black so you can easily notice where to land and where not to. There are also ‘antennas’ glowing to the beat and some special effects when the cube jumps, lands or crashes into platforms. The power ups are yellow and are mostly easy to see, but they really seem to blend into green backgrounds. Levels come in shades of blue, red, purple and green, and for the most part, a green-yellowish background makes it a real pain to see the ‘mid-air jump’ power up.

Production Quality (90%)

Geometry Dash is a great rhythm based platformer with nice challenge that will keep you trying again and again. Even if you don’t beat a level, there are many achievements to get and characters to unlock. There’s even a level editor to create your own. The techno tunes are great, and while the overall graphic design is made up of just squares and triangles, the smooth animation and visual effects make up for it, creating a nice to look at 2D title. Geometry Dash Screenshot 3   Sometimes there are elements in the level that aren’t easy to see, and the character may run a little too fast for some players, but for those into endless runners, the fast-paced platform action is worth a try.

Value for your Money (85%)

Geometry Dash is $1.99 for the full game, and there’s also a ‘Lite version’ you can download for free. You should first download the free app and try it for yourself before making the purshase. It’s pretty challenging and may become frustrating even for experienced players. Casual users may even have a hard time on the first level, but there’s a Practice Mode to polish your skills. The Lite version has video ads that show up after you lose a level 5 times, and even if you can skip it after 5 seconds, it may become annoying. Either way, if you enjoy the game and want the real experience, the App price for the entertaining experience it offers seems to be about right, but only if you really like this kind of games, since there are many good free runners out there.

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Geometry Dash is a good platformer with easy controls and great challenge. The visual style is unique and even if it’s gets difficult a little too soon, you’ll be trying again one more time just to reach a higher completion percentage. Pros
  • Catchy Techno Music
  • Many levels and achievements
  • Level Editor to create your own challenges
  • Frustrating difficulty
  • Hard to see the power ups in some levels

App Guru Rating 88%


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