Jelly Splash: Review

Jelly Splash

by: Wooga
Jelly Splash created by Wooga is a Match-3 Puzzle Game with colorful design, nice animation and cute characters that will keep you entertained for hours with its hundreds of levels.


Gameplay (93%)

This is a Match Color puzzle. You have a grid full of colored jellys. Touch a jelly and drag your finger across a neighbor jelly of the same color, link at least 3 together, and once you lift your finger, they all pop. There is no limit as how many jellys you can link together. The levels start simple, you just need to reach a certain score. The longer the Jelly Chain, the more points you earn. Also, if you link 7 jellys together, you get a “Super Jelly”, that when included in a chain, it also pops all the jellys in a row or column. Jelly Splash Screenshot 1   You can also use items, like a “painter” that changes all jellys of one color to another, or an item that turn the sorrounding jellys into the color of the one where you use the item. Besides “Score Levels”, there are some where you need to clear “Black Spaces”, popping jellys above them, or “Diamond Levels” where the objective is to get a certain number of diamonds to the bottom row. There’s no time limit, but you have a limited number of moves you can make. You can cancel a chain just by returning your finger to the first jelly and lifting it there.

Graphics (98%)

Cute design and animation. When you touch a jelly, the ones beside it will look at it, they all have nice expressions and really seem to be alive, just like you’d expect from a High Quality 2D Game. The World Map, Menus, Grid and all the elements on screen are vivid and colorful, and there are many lighting effects shown while making links, popping jellys, eliminating the obstacles on the grid, exploding Super Jellys and all that. Jelly Splash Screenshot 2  

Production Quality (96%)

As of today, the game has 700 levels, and the developer keeps adding more and more. Even after finishing 50, it just doesn’t seem to get boring, like many popular puzzles, it has a gameplay formula that keeps you going back for more. The game starts slowly, with tutorial levels teaching you about how to create chains, get the highest score, how to eliminate obstacles like “black mushrooms” on the grid, use items and everything, but once you get to the challenging levels, you’ll be running out of moves before you notice it, trying again with more creative ways of beating the levels. Jelly Splash Screenshot 3   The game has low volume, and it’s mostly ambient sound, but the jellys voices and SFX really add to the overall experience. You never get tired of the audiovisual presentation, but it could use background music.

Value for your Money (95%)

Jelly Splash is free with in-app transactions, but even after 50 Levels there was no need to buy an item or extra moves to beat a level. Many games are made to become extremely hard quickly, forcing the player to buy powerful items, but Jelly Splash is perfectly balanced. You just need to plan your moves more carefully, and you’ll be beating the levels with extra moves to spare. You can get in-game coins to buy items, just by inviting your friends to play, but if you wish to support the devs, a couple of dollars for a great puzzle experience is a bargain, and the game just keeps being updated with more original levels.

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Jelly Splash is one of the best Match Color puzzle games you can download right now for free. You can play for hours or one or two levels at a time, it never seems to get boring. Pros
  • Great colorful visual presentation
  • Hundreds of Levels
  • It could use background music on the levels

App Guru Rating 95%


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