My Little Pony: Friend Codes

My Little Pony

by: Gameloft
Build a town with Twilight Sparkle and her friends. This fun game has lots of features including special events and rewards for adding friends with friend codes. We’ve got some friends listed below. Add your code in the comments at the bottom πŸ™‚

Friend Codes

F1f5be C9a38f 5d26d2 3b797d 8ed484 43c370 777bec f83fbd c5e897 B03134 156347 ab23b3 1b1499 497357 845ca0  


  1. e00837

    I share the game with daughter. We’ve added several friends, but don’t get many who send gifts. We gift daily if able, we drop chests when we get time especially if we received a gift notification from you. Hoping for some adds from fellow gifters! Thanks! Tablet

    1. Thanks for the add! I’m 8fae50c
      I noticed you have the shadowbolts Which is so awesome! How’d you get them?

  2. 9f0250

    Please add me. I have only my daughter as a friend. Will gift and send chests with each request. Will gift daily and chest when able. iPhone player. Playing my with my daughter’s game with her so welcome to do the same there e00837 on family tablet. Thank you.

  3. c283905

    I send hearts daily and drop chests all the time (if you see a chest in the sky above your minecart game in Ponyville – that’s from me) πŸ™‚

  4. OK ponies, here is a gift code for you!


    Do not forget to add us as friends and referrals:

    29be54 3f1012d 7106a0d c498e33ο»Ώ

  5. hello!
    this month’s giftcode is adventure if u didnt know.
    also add me! i send treasure chests and gifts daily.

  6. 2b8c71
    Please add me!!! Thorax is the gift code until 5/31 and Kingdom but that one doesn’t say when it ends

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