Need for Speed: No Limits

Need for Speed: No Limits

Developer: Need for Speed: No Limits

Need for Speed: No Limits

Need for Speed: No Limits

Developer: Electronic Arts

Need for Speed: No Limits
Electronic Arts
Android, iOS
The king of racing games comes to Android. Race in the streets, flee from the police, and beat your friends in the leaderboards. Get ready to take the wheel.

Need for Speed: No Limits Guide Ė Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

This post was written by Nick Schaer on 4 Mar, 2020

1. The Basics of Need for Speed: No Limits

Need for Speed: No Limits is a free-to-play racing video game for iOS and Android and a mobile instalment in the long running Need for Speed franchise. The game features a heavy focus on street racing, vehicle customization, and avoiding the police (all similar attributes of other main console and PC entries in the series). You’ll race in “Campaign races” (which is considered the game’s story mode), “Car Series races” (where only certain cars may participate to win in-game rewards) and “Rival Races”, which are ghost-based multiplayer races. As such is other games in the series, you can fully customize your car collection and make each car your own. Follow our guide to help you beat your friends and conquer the game’s campaign series. Need For Speed Screenshot 1

2. The Power of Boosting

Because this game is an arcade racer, Need for Speed: No Limits strips out most of the issues when it comes to actually controlling your car. You wonít have to worry about braking or accelerating. Instead your main goal should be getting as much speed as possible at all times. This means boosting, which is triggered by swiping up on the screen. Your boost meter (the blue bar at the top of the screen) slowly fills while you race, but you can speed it up by performing different stunts. Things like drifting (swiping down to slide into a turn), drafting (getting right behind the car ahead of you), having a near miss with a random car on the road (get within a few feet without hitting it), and getting air (usually by going off a ramp) can significantly increase the rate at which your boost meter fills. Boosting can help you gain speed on your competitors.

3. Master the Controls

Control-wise, the game has several options: Touch (tap either side of the screen to turn in that direction), Tilt (use your deviceís accelerometer to control steering), and Virtual Steering (slide a finger back and forth to turn). Obviously, which one you choose should come down to personal preference. Try out each control option and see which one works best for you. Need For Speed Screenshot 2

4. Plan Around the Timers

The main hindrance to your progress in Need for Speed: No Limits will probably be the dreaded timers. Like mostly every free to play game on the app store, you will be forced to wait for timers to refill. They may not seem so bad during your first few hours of play, but that is only because the game is trying to suck you in. Luckily, there are a few ways you can stretch these timers out so your play sessions can be longer than five minutes. The first and most important thing to remember is that the fuel timer will be automatically refilled every single time you level up. Most races only deplete one or two bars (out of ten when itís full), but eventually youíll start finding yourself in races that take three. To make this precious resource last longer, all you have to do is keep an eye on your level up circle at the top of the screen. The orange part of the circle fills up each time you earn Reputation, which you get from completing new races. Once the orange is full you level up and get a free tank. Sweet right? Need For Speed Screenshot 3

5. General Tips and Tricks

Prioritize quantity over quality, at least in the beginning. Itís better to have a large and diverse stable of cars than to focus on beefing up a smaller number, since most cars will unlock a whole new series of races. When grinding for more parts, donít be afraid to use that Easy Drive switch in the top left corner of the screen on races youíve already completed. If youíre eating lunch or half watching Netflix on the couch, whip out your phone and let No Limits play itself.

Final Word

If you follow our guide you’ll be successful on the race track in no time. Now grab your phone and get racing!

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Overall Tips

  • Watch your timers
  • Choose the best controls for you
  • Boost whenever you can

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