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Developer: Vewo Interactive Inc

Vewo Interactive Inc
Steam, Android, iOS
Catch, evolve, and collect over 300 unique monsters in this Pokemon-like pocket monster RPG. Work to save your friends, and even the world in this mobile and PC game!

Nexomon Guide Ė Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

This post was written by Nick Schaer on 21 Sep, 2020

1. The Basics of Nexomon

The concept is familiar. Catch and train cute and sometimes dangerous looking monsters, in the hopes of battling others for supremacy. Along the way you also might just end up saving the world. Yes that’s the storyline in most Pokemon games, but Nexomon takes that to the next level. Available on Steam, Android, and iOS, Nexomon is a beautiful game that challenges you to succeed. Follow our guide below to become a Nexomon master! Nexomon Screenshot 1

2. Building and Balance

To begin with you should grab enough Nexomon to fill up your team. Youíre going to have a good few empty spaces at the start of the game, so grabbing some new ones is a great idea. Different Nexomon are stronger or weaker against other types. So itís a good idea to make sure youíre covering as many bases as possible in your roster. That way you should be able to deal with any threats that come your way.

3. Pick Your Fights Wisely

Unlike in the Pokemon games, a lot of the battles in the game can be avoided. You donít need to go into that long grass to get more Nexomon or XP if your roster is already full. Once youíve got a decent team, focus on the story for a bit. You might get unskippable battles, but you donít have to go looking for a fight all the time. Nexomon Screenshot 2

4. Talk, Talk, Talk

Just like Pokemon, you learn more about the world and earn items by talking to NPCs. Thereís a lot of knowledge to be sucked in in the world of Nexomon, so make sure youíre getting as much of it as possible. Youíll get clues about where to go next and what youíre supposed to be doing. Be sure to talk to everyone! Nexomon Screenshot 3

5. Potions

While you can heal for free at every town in the game, when youíre out on the road youíre going to have to rely on your potions. This ties in with the last tip. Save your potions for when you need them, and make sure youíre not going into fights with low health.

6. Shuffle Shuffle

Once youíre a bit deeper into the game donít be afraid to shuffle your team around. Youíre going to get tougher monsters, so benching characters who arenít as strong is a good idea. Send them to your box at the training schools and you can always pick them up again later.

Final Word

Follow our guide above and you’ll be on your way to becoming a Nexomon master. Now go save the world!

Gameplay Video

Overall Tips

  • Save potions for when you really need them
  • Talk to every NPC you meet

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