Nintendo Announces New Mini NES Console for 2016


Nintendo surprises the world with a new console. After 30+ years, a new NES with 30 classic games is coming.

  No one expected a new console announcement from Nintendo this month. It’s July. E3 is over. The Nintendo NX isn’t coming out until next year. So when Nintendo just announced not only a new console, but a new NES console.. the internet practically blew up. This is real folks. After 3 decades, this November.. you will be able to walk into your local store, and purchase an NES. Pretty amazing. But, this isn’t the NES you remember. Or if you’re younger, the NES you’ve probably heard of.   Nintendo NES Classic Edition Console The new “mini NES”, also known as the Nintendo NES Classic Edition.   The NES Classic Edition aka “mini NES”, is a miniature version of the legendary classic console. It ditches old technology for an HDMI capable, and a USB power port. Plug it in, and you’re ready to go. 30 of the best retro games are included on the console. Including..   Balloon Fight BUBBLE BOBBLE Castlevania Castlevania II: Simons Quest Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Jr. DOUBLE DRAGON II: THE REVENGE Dr. Mario Excitebike FINAL FANTASY Galaga GHOSTSN GOBLINS GRADIUS Ice Climber Kid Icarus Kirbys Adventure Mario Bros. MEGA MAN 2 Metroid NINJA GAIDEN PAC-MAN Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream StarTropics SUPER C Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. 2 Super Mario Bros. 3 TECMO BOWL The Legend of Zelda Zelda II: The Adventure of Link   The only thing missing? The cartridge slot. It’s there, but it’s purely cosmetic. Instead all 30 games are built-in, and the console will lack internet capabilities. So basically Nintendo has confirmed this console won’t get anymore games. Could it run homebrew? With a USB port for power, one has to wonder if it’s possible. One also wonders if a mini SNES or mini N64 could be on the way if this console is a success. Nintendo wouldn’t confirm or deny those possibilities basically.   Nintendo NES Classic Edition Box Nintendo NES Classic Edition box.   The console will launch on 11/11 for $59.99. It’s aimed at retro gamers who played the classics years ago, and for the new audience of gamers as well. Nintendo even remade the controller, and it’s available at an awesome price of $9.99. The controller can also be used with NES Virtual Console games on the old Wii, and the newer Wii U (nice to see the old Wii console still getting something new after all this time). You can also use your Wii Classic Controller or Controller Pro with the console.   Nintendo NES Controller Box Nintendo NES Controller box.   It’s unclear what technical specifics surround the console. It’s smaller than the NES, uses HDMI.. but what are the specs? Does the console run just like an old NES, or does it use something else to “emulate” the games? The software and hardware has to be unique from the older hardware, since it also works with certain new Nintendo controllers. And one can assume games will run in beautiful HD.. that might be a big plus for those gamers who have been running NES games through emulators (or even in their browsers) for years. It’s illegal, but even our smartphones can play those games now.   Image showing the NES Classic Edition's size Image showing the size of the new NES Classic Edition console.   The idea of this console is brilliant. Nintendo has played their hand brilliantly. Now Nintendo has a low-cost, new, yet retro console on the market for the upcoming 2016 holiday season. It’s price is fantastic for gift-givers, and for parents as well. But to the retro gamer, is it too expensive when our phones can emulate those same games? It depends on the experience. If the system works as it should, the ability to likely play those classics in HD.. with such a cool, retro, yet small console.. with the throwback controller, could be worth the price of admission. It’s about the experience: something Nintendo banks on all the time.   First Pokemon GO, now the mini NES. Nintendo is on a roll. They are opening up the 8-bit gaming world to collectors, and the new players who want to explore that world. It’s an interesting move, and a very unique console for our upcoming holiday shopping season.    


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