Riddle Me That: Cheats

Riddle Me That

Developer: Itch Mania
Genre: Riddles (1000255)
Platforms: iOS, Android, Amazon
Here is another great riddle game. This time brought to us by SecretBuilders. The game is split up into several sections and there are hundreds of riddles in total. The levels cover things such as general riddles, rhymes, and ‘one liners’. I really like the color scheme of this game, so mix that with good fresh riddles and this game is a winner.


There are no known cheats online for Riddle Me That. If you know of one then you are a legend and you should submit a cheat now to help out others! If you are looking for help then take a look at the Riddle Me That Q&A or create a New topic in the Riddle Me That Discussion Board.


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