Run, roll, ride, swim and climb your way through exotic worlds in this tribute to 2D Console Platformers: Huey Revisited

Huey Revisited

by: FragmentTwo
Huey is a tribute to the time where classic 2D platformers ruled the game consoles. Guide Huey through various levels, gather various pickups and avoid dangerous enemies as you try to reach the level exit in this 16-Bits inspired adventure.


Gameplay 78%

Huey is a 2D sidescroller platformer that feels like a mix of Mario & Sonic titles of the early 90’s. You walk around exploring levels while defeating enemies, avoiding traps and collecting tons of stuff such as coins, purple eggs and letters that make the word HUEY.   The controls are simple. In the bottom left corner of the screen you have virtual arrows to go left or right, and on the other side there’s the jump button, and you can also press it in the air for an additional leap. You defeat enemies by landing on top of them, even hedgehogs and tribal men wielding lances. There’s also a button that makes Huey roll while you keep it pressed, which can be useful to gain speed while rolling down slopes and getting into narrow tunnels to reach hidden rooms. The objective of each level is just to reach the exit and move to the next stage, but the real challenge is to collect all the items of each level by exploring every corner of it. There are some walls that may appear solid, but if you try pushing onto them, you’ll find yourself inside a tunner in a hidden area, so try every alternate path to get everything. Huey has a life bar consisting in 3 large purple eggs, when you get hit, you lose one; but you can collect another big egg for an extra Hit Point. You die if you fall into a pit or when you lose all 3 eggs, and then you start over. You can reach a flag in the middle of the level to continue from there, but you will lose all items collected up to that point, which makes beating all levels 100% extra hard. Every 10 levels you reach an area boss, who gets defeated after kicking special dino eggs in their levels into them. Once you defeat a boss, you move to the next area in the world map to continue your quest, or you can replay already beaten levels in order to collect everything in those stages.

Graphics 89%

Huey features a 16-Bits graphics style that feels like a mascot platformer for consoles of 25 years ago. The visuals are bright and colorful, with the perfect amount of animation, and even those users not to fond of pixel art will find this game very pleasant to look at.   The parallax scrolling is very well done, and you can see worlds that have 5 background layers, giving this title a great sense of depth; and unlike other similar games that only use silhouettes for the elements at the back, you can see that here everything is pretty detailed, and even the last layer has been carefully designed, and while it features less color and contrast than the previous layers, it looks of high quality.

Production Quality 85%

Huey Revisited features over 50 levels in 5 different areas, with boss fights, a nice retro style soundtrack, tons of items to collect, hidden areas to explore and many secrets to find. This game is sure to keep busy fans of old school platformers.   Even the first levels area quite large, with many paths to take if you just plan to find the exit, but once you start exploring, you will notice just how deep this platformer adventure really is. Each level is carefully designed, and it when you move to the next one in the same area you will find new elements to keep the adventure fresh. And once you move to a different area, you will see a complete makeover that really makes you feel like looking around to see what this game has in store for you.

Value for your Money 96%

Huey Revisited is free on Google Play. You may see an ad from time to time, but they’re actually pretty uncommon to see compared to similar games. You may even forget that this game displays advertising given how long you can last playing with one life.

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Huey may start a little “slow” compared to other mascot games from the 90’s, and that’s because it’s focus is actually finding everything in each level, and not really defeating all enemies or jumping and running around fast. If you’re looking for a challenging platformer or something that will test your reflex and control ability, this isn’t really for you; but if you enjoy retro graphics and music and want a huge world to explore,, try it out. Pros
  • Great 16-Bits graphics and music that take you back to the 90’s
  • Huge colorful worlds to explore, tons of items to collect
  • It is a little slow paced compared to modern platformers
  • Action Adventure players may get bored since the focus here is finding everything

Game Help Guru Rating 83%


  1. Liz says:

    Hi how can I reach the letter H on the first level on the ice world I’ve tried everything and still no go

  2. Unhappy says:

    Game suck big time!!!

    1. mattbooth says:

      Hi Unhappy, you should give us your review and tell us why it sucks… The people need to know! 🙂

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