Slaying: Review


by: FDG Games
Slayin by FGC Entertainment is a fantastic RPG Adventure with simple controls and a retro look you should download right now if you want enjoy a good 2D monster slayin’ quest on your mobile device.


Gameplay 90%

Slayin is essentially an Action/RPG where the objective is to slay all monsters. The character is always walking, you just change the direction he’s going by pressing the arrows on the screen. The knight is holding a big sword and will kill any enemy that meets his blade. There’s also a jump button you’ll need to use to attack airborne enemies like bats and ghosts, and to jump over dangers in the level. The stage is only one screen, and monsters will start appearing from the sides, underground, or flying above you. Everytime you slay an enemy, you’ll get experience to Level Up your character. Monsters also leave behind items like jewels and valuables that give you points, or coins you use to buy items at a store. Slayin Screenshot 1   There’s a combo system that boosts up your score, giving you more points per monster slayed. You just need to keep attacking a monster every 3 seconds to keep the point multiplier going. Every 10 Levels, a Boss will appear, and you need to beat it with several attacks to advance. The background will change to a different settings, and new monsters will appear. The game is endless, and it gets increasinlgy more difficult as you progress.

Graphics 98%

As far as pixel art goes, this is one of the best examples on Mobile Games. It has a beautiful 8-Bit graphic style, with nice animated sprites, colorful backgrounds and everything from the menus to the items is consistent with the retro look. Fans of classic 2D gaming will feel at home. Once the battles take place, lots of enemies will begin to cover up the stage, everything is moving around and the game just looks alive. The characters show emotion when attacking, dying, crashing into the sides of the screen and many more actions going on. Also, when you equip an item such as a new weapon or armor, the knight sprite will change. Slayin Screenshot 2  

Production Quality (98%)

The game is kept quite simple, but even after 50 levels, it’s still fun to play. There are many different types of enemies and dangers to overcome, and every 10 levels the setting changes. From fighting slimes in the forest, to slaying zombies and ghosts in a graveyard, to a jungle with poisonous snakes and bats that drop acid. There’s so much variety in the graphic department. In the audio aspect, there’s only one song playing through the whole adventure. It’s a classic 8-Bit tune that will appeal to NES soundtracks enthusiats, and while really good, it gets old after 50 levels, but you can buy more music in the Tavern. Slayin Screenshot 3   You can use the “Fame Points” you get on the levels to buy new layouts for the controller, level music and heroes for the adventure mode. When you die, you get a tombstone and you can go to the gravedigger to buy a different design. The game is super packed with detailed retro graphics that are just so appealing to old school gamers.

Value for your Money (94%)

Slayin on Google Play is free with in-app purchases. You can buy everything it has to offer with the points you earn playing Adventure Mode, but that will take a long time… You can go ahead and buy extra stuff with an in-app transaction. You won’t see annoying ads, and if you enjoy the game for hours, you may consider getting that pack of “5,000 Fame Points” for just a buck. The iOS version is $0.99, if you enjoy pixel art adventure RPGs, is totally worth it.

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Slaying is a nice endless RPG adventure with a retro look and simple control. It starts slowly, but as you level up and unlock more features, it becomes quite a deep experience that will make you coming back to see everything the game has to offer. Pros
  • Beautiful Pixel Art with great old school style animation
  • Nice 8-Bit chiptune soundtrack
  • It has tons of features to discover.
  • It takes a little too much time to earn Fame Points and unlock new stuff


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