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Spotlight Room Escape
Javelin Mobile and Aleksei Aro
Adventure, Hidden Object and Escape
Amazon, Android, iOS
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Spotlight Room Escape: Level The Lost One Walkthrough

What a cool escape game. This is not just a simple doors type game, it has a more advanced theme, graphics and gameplay. There are only 9 levels, but they are quite involved, and for a free game you can't go wrong! We have walkthroughs for all levels too. One thing to note is that the game icons are different between iOS and Android, we have used the Android icon because the game is more popular on Android.
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  1. Nick Schaer
    4 years ago

    1. You are standing next to the door number 41 open it with the key and dont forget to take it back, because there are two of them in a bunch. Once you enter the room turn left into the locker room. Use the second key to open the locker and take a crowbar from it. There is a suit on the hanger, in the pocket you will find a hidden fragment. Also, dont forget to take the lace of one of the shoes.

    2. Move further along the corridor to the room with burgundy wallpaper. There is a cabinet with three drawers to the right, one of them is locked with a password. You can find it by comparing the page numbers in the book with the image of the artists who painted the pictures on the wall. As a result, you will get the number: 424389. Inside, you will find a set of lockpicks.

    3. Return to the corridor and open the bathroom door with lockpicks. The picture shows how to arrange the locking pins. Do not forget to grab the hook along the way, it lies on a shelf with symbols of different countries.

    4. Approach the bath, take the switch block and get the lockpick from the drain hole with the help of a lace and a hook. Under the mat in the middle of the room you will find the key.

    5. On the way to the room with pictures you will find a suitcase. Open it with a key. Inside, you will find a letter and one more fragment.

    6. Walk into the room with pictures, but now you need to look at the cabinet which is on the left. Below, there are 2 sockets double and single pole. Pull the plug from the double pole socket its a hiding place, which can be opened with a lockpick you found in the bathroom. Take the sim card from it. By the way, do not forget to put the plug in the next socket.

    7. Insert the SIM card into the phone, dial the phone number (it is written on the letter) 47515 and the pin code 1466 (the year of Donatellos death).

    8. There is a photograph on the wall above the cabinet, behind it you will find a safe use the crowbar to remove the picture. Insert the missing fragments the safe will open and you will find red diamonds.

    9. Put the stones in the eyes of the sea monster bust, and they will light up.

    10. Next, insert the block in a special place in the center. Now you will need a handle. First, take a screwdriver in the flowerpot and change the nozzle that lies in the room with the globe on the cabinet. Next, go to the bathroom, open the middle drawer under the sink and disconnect the a bottom with a screwdriver a secret compartment with the handle will open.

    11. Go back to the room with the switcher, insert the handle and move it to the lower position. The eyes of the monster will emit the rays on the map indicating certain locations.

    12. On the board near the globe is a list of countries of the expedition. Choose those that are not indicated by arrow and go to the shelf with the symbols. Look at the numbers under the flags of Russia, Mongolia and Brazil. You will get number 87, 04, and 99 remember them.

    13. Use this password on the casket, which lies on the cabinet with four drawers. Inside, you will find the key with the carving.

    14. Insert the key into the hole on the globe, which is located on South America. The globe will open take the lid and attach it to the top of the vintage lamp.

    15. Rotate the sliders until you get three zeros.

  2. Matt Booth
    3 months ago

    Good morning all. I swapped the clip with a more accurate one. The walkthrough that was here wasn’t right anymore. Be sure to tell us if it is wrong by ticking as useful above. Have a nice day.

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