World Of Tanks: Review

World Of Tanks

by: Wargaming World
World of Tanks Blitz is one of the best games that you can check out right now if you like action packed, unique and fun titles focused specifically on war. Created by Wargaming, which is a company that is dedicated to creating realistic, war game experiences, the main focus here is to play against people from all over the world, all while being able to upgrade your tank and unlock new, more powerful ones.


Gameplay (95%)

World of Tanks Blitz is a very popular title and at the same time it delivers a whole lot of unique, cool mechanics for your enjoyment. Moving the tank is easy and intuitive, but at the same time you get to access multiple special attacks that make the gameplay even more alert and immersive.

The title is optimized for mobile gameplay and it provides complete access to more than 150 tanks, not to mention that the movement is realistic and the entire attack range is suitable to each model. The meat and bone of this game however is the online gameplay, which has plenty of interesting and enjoyable opportunities. You do need a good internet connection if you want to enjoy World of Tanks Blitz properly, so keep that in mind.

In addition, each time you play World of Tanks Blitz you will see that there are new enemies to attack and the progression system allows you to come back, conquer new locations and enjoy the stunning vistas. The gameplay in this title is truly impressive and it has a stunning appeal that will always make you come back at least for a round or two. World Of Tanks Review Screenshot 1  

Graphics (90%)

The game is offering you an impressive set of graphics. The tank models are very realistic and the game world is also as close as possible to real life, all offering a very high level of detail. There are no graphic issues or problems, and the game works amazingly well from this standpoint. World Of Tanks Review Screenshot 2  

Production Quality (85%)

As you would expect, World of Tanks Blitz works as great as it looks. There were no crashes during our tests, and the gameplay is varied enough to not get boring. There are in-app purchases, true, but you can try to grind resources, albeit this can be an exhaustive method.  

Value for Money (85%)

Sure, the game is free, but you do have some expensive in-app purchases that can spoil the fun a little bit. However, itís really cool that you can upgrade your tanks and thereís always an option to grind your way out.  

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All in all, World of Tanks Blitz is a very interesting, exciting and action packed game that allows you to focus on the ability of exploring the game world unlike never before. Itís an amazing title and one that you should play right now! Pros
  • Stunning graphics.
  • Action packed multiplayer.
  • Multiple upgrades for each tank.
  • The game relies quite a lot on in-app purchases.

Game Help Guru Rating 89%



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