Zelda: Breath of the NES Brings to Life a 2D Prototype


Witness the epic free roaming adventure in glorious 2D.

  When Nintendo showed off their 2D prototype that was created during initial development of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, gamers went nuts. They wanted to play this amazing looking prototype. It had updated graphics based on the original Zelda game, with similar gameplay features of the newest game.     Well now someone has made a gamers dream, a reality. Game Developer WinterDrake has developed a very awesome Windows fangame based on the prototype. It’s appropriately called Breath of the NES. The graphics, the coding, the gameplay, it all works. Right now the game is a demo, with more to be added.   You can find the game here. It’s free to download, and anyone who enjoyed the original NES classic will also enjoy the pure graphical nostalgia. It’s amazing seeing those updated classic graphics paired with elements that have made Breath of the Wild such a hit.   Give it a play, and support this amazingly talented developer.    


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