Jumping Larva: Review

Jumping Larva

Infinite Jumper
Jumping Larva is an Arcade infinite jumper where you need to save a tiny larva from a forest fire by drawing trampoline lines. Escape from the raging flames while avoiding insects, chestnuts and more dangers.


Gameplay 90%

Jumping Larva is an Arcade Infinite Jumper where your objective is to get as High as possible. You control a tiny larva that wakes up to find itself in a forest fire, and that’s caught between two trees. In order to jump, you draw a line with your finger so the larva bounces on it. The lenght of the line determines the height of the jump, the shorter the line, the higher the jump. It works just like the game Ninja Up!, since also the direction of the jump depends on the angle of the line , and the larva bounces on the sides of the screen. Jumping-Larva-Screenshot-1   One important difference, is that you have an HP bar, and everytime you draw a line, it consumes Hit Points. And the longer the line, the more HP you lose, so you have to be careful making lines in the wrong place and having to draw another one when you miss. To recover HP, you can collect tree leaves in your way. If you manage to collect all leaves in a single group, you get bonus HP and a Star. When you lose, you can exchange 50 Stars to continue (or watch a Video Ad). There are also items like the golden butterfly that makes you collect a group of leaves automatically, a flower that gives you a “Boost”, an item that makes you giant, and a power up that makes you invincible. Finally, there are obstacles to avoid, such as chestnut burrs that stick to the larva and make it heavier, so it jumps a shorter height, but you can get rid of them by jumping into spider webs. Also water drops that make you jump in random angles, and an acorn bouncing around in some places that stops you right away.

Graphics 84%

Jumping Larva features traditional 2D drawings. The background looks simple, the blue sky, green layers representing the forest, and some mountains. As you go up, you’ll get to enter a tree and the background will be just a brown wood color. Below, the fire is catching up to you. If you stay in the same place for a while, you’ll see the flames. Jumping-Larva-Screenshot-2   The larva is very expresive and you’ll notice that it shows many faces depending on the situation, like when it collects golden leaves, crashes into an acorn, gets a burr stuck on it or gets burned. There are a few special effects such as a “turbo trail”, sparkles, smoke and things like that with transparency that look nice, but nothing mind blowing. Overall Jumping Larva offers just an “OK” visual experience.

Production Quality 80%

For an Infinite Jumper, the game takes better care than most at presenting a story with animated cutscenes and adapting common gameplay elements to the setting. The characters really seem alive, and even if you “get enough” of the gameplay after a few tries, you may want to try reaching a bit further to see what the game will throw at you, since it’s fun just watching the larva’s and enemies expressions an such. Jumping-Larva-Screenshot-3   There’s also a welcomed animated Tutorial that quickly explains how things work, so you’ll have no trouble with the jumping mechanics or wonder why you’re depleting your HP so fast. It also explains how to get more Stars and a few items, but it leaves 3 items with just a little mention and doesn’t show the effect, so you discover how it works later. Jumping Larva stands out a little above the average mobile arcade jumper, but not by much, it’s worth playing a few minutes, but not as addictive and doesn’t offers additional “missions” or “objectives” to keep you entertained for long.

Value for your Money (100%)

Jumping Larva is free on Google Play and the App Store, and you won’t see any advertising unless you press on “Get 50 Stars” when you lose. So check it out if you enjoy this genre, maybe you’ll be entertained just by watching the larva’s funny expressions.

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Jumping Larva is a nice option for players looking for a casual arcade jumper. After reaching a certain height, you may be satisfied with the game experience and leave it at that, since there’s not much replay value, but the quality here is above average in the genre, and you should try it out if you enjoy this kind of games, it’s free. Pros
  • Nice 2D Animation
  • Animated Story cutscenes and Tutorial
  • Drawing line trampolines is fun and easy
  • Doesn’t have replay value

Game Help Guru Rating 85%


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