Sprinkled with a deliciously sweet twist, this match-3 game is equal parts fun and challenging: Cookie Jam

Cookie Jam

by: SGN
Match-3 Puzzle
Blast through bakery islands and help Chef Panda match and crunch through hundreds of exciting levels! Hop in your traveling bakery to set sail on this free puzzle adventure. Swap candy, cookies, and cakes to explore mouth-watering patisseries from around the world.


Gameplay 83%

Cookie Jam is just your typical Match-3 mobile puzzle where you touch an object in the screen and move it one space up, down, left or right. If you line up 3 or more cookies of the same type, a match will be made, if not, the one you move will return to its original space and you’ll have to look for a possible match. cookie-jam-screenshot-1   The objective of each stage is to collect the ingredients of a recipe. By making matches you get cookies and you can see in the counter on the left part of the screen how many you need. After you collect enough, you’ll win the stage and move to the next one. When you match 4 or more cookies, you create vertical or horizontal bombs, and when you manage to make a 5-match, you create a multicolored pie that takes all the cookies of the same color you switch it with. If you match 5 cookies in a T or V shape, you create an ice cream sandwich that explodes taking out the surrounding cookies, or an X-Bomb that explodes diagonally. There are 4 power ups in the rightside of the screen you can activate any time. One rainbow candy takes out all cookies of a given color, the rolling pin takes out a whole row, the cream dispenser makes a whole column disappear, and the wooden spoon lets you eliminate an object in the space you want, anywhere on the grid. After you advance, you’ll encounter the classic stages where you have to take out obstacles by making matches next to them, or clear dark spaces by lining up cookies on them. The more original kind of level, has a ginger bread cookie man, that moves up one space every turn. So if you don’t use it in a match, it will try to go to the top row, until it gets off the grid, and you’ll lose the level since you have to use them all for the recipe. They appear randomly a couple of turns after you eliminate the last one.

Gameplay 79%

Cookie Jam features 2D hand drawn graphics. The colorful cookies have nice a nice design with shading, and they’re over a gray checkers board, with a cream pie mountain as background. cookie-jam-screenshot-2   When you make “cascades”, many matches with just one turn, you’ll get some overlayed text with phrases in French, like C’est Bon and Bravo. When the cookies explode and you use power ups, you see the kinda effects with some flashes and sparkles as you’d expect from a game of this kind, but overall, if doesn’t feel so lively. There’s not much animation going on, and you only see a static panda character icon when you win. The graphics are OK, certainly a little above average looking considering the amount of generic puzzle games available now, but there are many great looking popular games out there, so this one becomes bland and it’s not really memorable, it looks like lots of games with the cooking theme you probably already played.

Production Quality 74%

Cookie Jam feels like “every other match-3 puzzle”, gameplay wise it has just what you’d expect, and nothing more to really stand out from the ocean of similar games you can play now. cookie-jam-screenshot-3   There are over a thousand of levels, but after playing 20, you really won’t see much of a difference. The music is pretty forgettable and since you only see motionless desserts most of the time, the game certainly lacks personality. The right use of characters and creative level design and power ups with a not-so-used theme makes for a good puzzle experience, like Disco Ducks, but executing the same formula mobile games have tried hundreds of times, just gets tired fast. Cookie Jam is good to pass some time, if you have it downloaded on your phone and have no internet connetion to get something else.

Value for your Money 92%

Cookie Jam is free on Google Play, the Apple App Store and even Facebook. You won’t see any advertising, and it’s actually quite easy to get power ups and coins to buy items just by playing; but it’s one of those games where you have to wait several minutes to get new lives. If you haven’t tried any match-3 puzzles, is a good way to start, since it feels pretty much like every other decent game of this kind, but not like a really great one.

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Cookie Jam is just OK. If you have tried other games of the genre, you’ll pretty soon realize that this one feels like something you’ve played before. It is not addictive or challenging in a way that you feel like coming back for more. The lack of animation and likable characters may be enough for most players to feel like it’s missing something other popular games offer, and while the gameplay is just fine to pass a while, there are many more original and creative Match-3 games that have a twist to the formula or at least have great music, theme and design that is not so often use, like candy, cookies and cakes. Only recommend it if you’re new to the genre. Pros
  • Simple touch gameplay with many power ups to use
  • It’s easy to win boosters and coins to buy items
  • Generic visuals and music, could use more animation
  • Boring forgettable music
  • Doesn’t offer anthing you haven’t seen before in a puzzle

Game Help Guru Rating 72%


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